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Original environment inspired by concept art from various artists- Mark Molnar, Nivanh Chanthara & the movie Tekkonkinkreet. I worked on this project for four weeks. The environment is built in Unreal Engine 4. I made the meshes highly modular to give myself the freedom to combine them in many different ways. This way of working made it possible for me to make every house in the scene unique and also to build it using very few unique meshes. For more in depth info see "Breakdown" further down on the page.


This rock was sculpted in Zbrush, retopologized in 3ds Max, baked with xNormals and textured in photoshop. The textures are 2048x2048. I reused and scaled this rock in the engine. For the upscaled rocks i made a shader that blends the baked textures with tiled rock-surface textures to make the resolution even when being close to the object.

The small rocks are 140 tris each and share a 1024x1024 texture. The big rock is 920 tris and use a 2048x2048 texture.

This lamp is built the same way as the clothing rack. One bone for the static parts closest to the wall, one bone each for the two rings and the lamp. That's a total of four bones. What makes this lamp different from the APEX cloth rack is that a simple wind node will not make it move. Physx Cloth will react to wind but not a physical asset. Therefore I added a force next to each lamp, blueprinted to send out a force every 5-10 seconds making it move.

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