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Here are a few of the assets I made during my internship at Hazelight! The rest of my work will be uploaded when the game is released.


This house set was made to be used in backdrops. I made one version with parallaxed, emissive windows to be used in night-scenes (parallax material was setup by Jon - tech artist). The brick material is separate and can be switched for more variety. The house below (and upper right)  is 3125 tris and use two sets of 1024 textures: Normals, Albedo & Roughness/AO/Metalness a total of 6 textures.

Cargo container with LODs. Uses three 2048 textures Normal, Albedo & Rougness/AO/Metalness.

LOD1 - 11286 tris (shown below)

LOD2 - 5500 tris

LOD3 - 2018

I made three Albedo versions - Green, Red and Blue. With a color-tint-slider in the material instance many different variations could be made.

Davit Crane - 12161 tris

The trash composition was made using physics in MODO. The trash meshes and materials were not done by me.

Here are a bunch of roof-props I made. They use three 2048 textures Normals, Albedo & Rougness/AO/Metalness. Two variations of the Albedo were made.

Tarp covered props made with MODO physics and Marvelous Designer. The geometry of the tarp is rectangular allowing for a very realistic flow of the fabric which can be seen in the texture example further down.

Example of the use of UV-space. The Davit Crane (upper right) and Cargo Container (lower right) used a lot of mirrored UVs to get a crisp resolution.

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