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Game Project - Garden of Aesther


Garden of Aesther is a game about planting. You play as Aesther, an incarnation of a goddess, sent to the world to bring life and help people. During the game you travel between 9 planets - three green, red and blue ones. They each have a unique plant that can be obtained and six planets offer quests. You progress between the planets, plant foliage to activate portals and help the inhabitants with their problems to complete the game. When all the quests are done you complete the game and an end cutscene is shown where everyone gather around a campfire.

We were a team of 9 people working on the game for 7 weeks. As the lead artist I had the responsibility to communicate with the designers and make sure that the art team were focusing on the most urgent tasks that needed to be done to take the game forward. I imported and set up all environment-assets, textures and most of the materials. I made all the islands with custom collision, materials and textures. I dressed the world with clouds and most of the assets. I designed the UI buttons (except the talk button) and chose the color palette for the sky, foliage, islands, UI and props.

The game is working on Android and IOS, it’s 84.9 MB and we presented it on an IPAD2.

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